Sample Report

Click here to view a SAMPLE REPORT

Click here to view a Predrywall Inspection SAMPLE REPORT   Be sure to take a look at the photo journal!

Click here to view a SAMPLE REPORT

 Click here to view a SAMPLE REPORT   Be sure to take a look at the photo journal!

Typically the report you will receive typically has about 25 to 50 pages.  Don't panic.  It's easy to read. 

Between 400 and 500 "items" are inspected during the home inspection. As a homeowner you will want to know information about every item that was inspected. 

Each item inspected has a line item in the report with the status of that item.... whether it was found to be in working order, if it needs monitoring, if it needs repair or if it need further evaluation by a licensed repairman, etc.

If there is an issue, John typically takes a picture.  The picture further describes the issue and is very useful to all involved especially a licensed repairman if needed.

There is a Summary.  The States of NC and SC dictate what can go into the Summary.  Items that we as home inspectors would naturally and logically put in the Summary and maybe some you would expect to be in the Summary might not be there.  So we encourage you to read the body of the report thoroughly and highlight issues if any that you feel may need addressing.  Don't just rely on the Summary to tell you everything that may be important to you.





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