What's Inspected

The best way to understand what's included in your Charlotte home inspection is to the look at the sample inspection report for a home. 

Click here to view a SAMPLE REPORT

You will learn alot from your 400 to 500 point home inspection.

The home inspector in Charlotte will inspect quite a few systems in your home: electrical, plumbing, roofing, exterior, interior, garage, structural components, heating and air conditioning, insulation and venilation and built-in kitchen appliances. 

You'll learn about the condition of the roof coverings, flashings, skylights, chimneys, roof penetrations and drainage systems of the roofing system. 

During your home inspection, you'll learn the styles and materials of the exterior of your home in Charlotte NC, the status of the driveway, appearance, types of entry doors, and siding styles. 

You'll learn the condition of the exterior wall cladding, flashing and trim, doors, windows, decks, balconies, stoops, steps, areaways, porches, patio /covers and applicable railings. 

You'll also learn about the exterior vegetation, grading, drainage, driveways, patio floor, walkways, and retaining walls(with their respect to the condition of the building), eaves, soffits, and facias from your home inspection in Charlotte.

You'll learn about the condition of your garage ceiling, flooring, garage doors, doors from garage into the house, and garage door openers from your home inspector.

You will also learn the condition of the walls, ceiling, and floors, steps, stairways, balconies, and railings, counters and a representative number of installed cabinets and a representative number of doors and windows of the interior of your home.

Your Charlotte home inspector will open a representative number of windows and interior doors and report signs of abnormal or harmful water penetration into the building or signs of abnormal or harmful condensation on building components. 

Your home inspector is not required to observe: Paint, wallpaper, and other finish treatments on the interior walls, ceilings, and floors; Carpeting; or Draperies, blinds, or other window treatments. These are considered to cosmetic items. 

The function and safety of your home is being inspected.  Cosmetics issues most homeowners can handle without a home inspection. 

Your main interest will be in the function and safety of the home so that is your home inspector's is looking at.
This is just the beginning. 

Your home inspection also covers structural components, plumbing system, electrical system, heating and air conditioning, insulation and venilation and built-in kitchen appliances.

It takes about three hours or more for the home inspector to inspect your Charlotte home.   Maybe you can now understand why. 

Take a look at the sample Charlotte home inspection report.  Look at the fine print near the beginning of each component heading.  It details the way the inspection is done.

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