About John The Charlotte Home Inspector

To begin, I am licensed as a Charlotte home inspector in North & South Carolina since 1999.  My college degree is in Civil Engineering.  I got my masters at Va Tech University.  
I've been in Charlotte since 1978 first working as a project manager for the City of Charlotte and then with a large prestigious architectural firm where I was a partner.  I have worked on projects from several skyscrappers in town to a bus terminal to a fire station to outfitting a wing at the airport to many jails throughout the state (that's one of the contracts we had when I worked for the architectural firm).  I've also been in home remodeling and home repair.  I have worked with many groups of diverse people. 

I think my experience and background can be of great benefit to YOU.   I don't know if you know about engineers but they do things one way and that's the right way.  I am known for being thorough, honest and easygoing by nature. 

I've been in Charlotte for over 30 years and have seen alot which can only benefit YOU.  I've been a home inspector for over 10 years.  I've seen so much good, bad and everything in between!

I am dedicated to serving YOU my clients to the upmost of my ability.  Please know that it would be an honor to serve you and your family!

I'd like to invite you to sign up for our FREE monthly newsletters, one of which is a tip of the month newsletter for you. 
Also I encourage you to view a sample report to see how thorough and comprehensive an inspection is and why it takes so long and to better understand its value to YOU.

I also offer two money saving serves for YOUR benefit.  One is a $500 grocery certificate, my way of helping "Main Street" Charlotte metro. The other is a one-stop convenient site "Concierge Service" for deals on cable, telephone, satellite and internet services. 

My Qualifications

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