5 Simple Projects To Revive Outdoor Spaces

Your Charlotte, North Carolina home inspection company, Starmark Home Inspections, is pleased to share with you 5 simple projects to revive outdoor spaces in one weekend or less

Want to entertain outdoors this summer but your deck and patio aren’t party ready? It’s easy to refresh outdoor spaces with DIY projects that can be done in a weekend or less. Not only will you expand your property’s livable space, but you’ll be adding to its value as well.

  • 1. Revive wood and concrete

Worn wood and cracked concrete make a deck or patio look old. Many homeowners mistakenly think the only way to fix these issues is replacement. Fortunately, alternative repairs cost much less and require minimal time. For example, BEHR DECKOVER Solid Color Coating covers wood, composite and concrete surfaces in a rich solid color that bridges cracks up to 1/4-inch to create a smooth finish that is durable and slip resistant. Available in 54 fun colors, guests will admire your deck as you take in sunshine and sip your lemonade. The revived surface is dry to the touch in just four hours, making it a DIY weekend project, so you’ll be dancing on your deck before you know it. Visit www.behr.com for more information.

  • 2. Enhance lighting

Enhance your outdoor space with proper lighting so it can be enjoyed long after the sun sets. A few strategically placed lights add an element of safety and elegance. Start by ensuring doorways, stairs and paths are properly lit. Solar lights are a popular and affordable option that can be placed virtually anywhere with minimal effort. If your existing lighting fixtures are dated, swap them out for modern designs that feature CFL or LED lights for energy efficiency. Finally, a few strings of garden lights are always a nice way to enhance the ambience of the outdoors.

  • 3. Inject landscaping

The rich greens and bold hues of Mother Nature can serve as inspiration for the landscaping you choose for your favorite outdoor spaces. Add a splash of color by planting a few containers of flowers for your deck or patio. You’ll be rewarded with fresh, colorful blooms throughout the season. Another popular option is to plant an herb garden – a few small containers with fresh herbs can make your deck smell wonderful. Plus, when cooking or grilling, natural flavors are just a few steps and snips away.

  • 4. Refresh furniture

Have tired or sun-faded patio furniture? There’s no need for a full replacement, just try a few updates. Replace faded or dated cushions with new options, or create homemade slipcovers yourself with material from your local craft store. For wicker or metal furniture, a few coats of spray paint can do wonders to refresh old pieces. Start by cleaning the furniture and then use spray paint specially formulated for the outdoors. You might be surprised how a new coat of white, black or silver paint can bring old patio furniture back to life.

  • 5. Thoughtfully rearrange

Once all the main elements have been updated, the final touch to refresh your outdoor space is to rearrange everything for function and flow. For example, move outdoor furniture into thoughtful clusters to encourage relaxation and conversation. Make sure to leave main walkways open so guests can easily enter the home or exit the deck into the yard. Create an outdoor kitchen space in one corner of the deck so there is a section dedicated to cooking. Add a side table or shelving to enhance functionality and create a mini-kitchen that allows for easy grilling. From reviving cracked wood and refreshing patio furniture, to adding greenery and thoughtfully arranging functional spaces, these five projects will redefine your outdoor spaces in just one weekend.

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