Everything you need to know about the pipes under the kitchen sink


In this video, our expert home inspector John explains how to stop a leak under your sink. Gain a great understanding of configuration, valve types, water lines, drain pipes. Detailed info on how to turn push-pull valves and rotating valves. You’ll learn what to do if you have a leak and how to turn off your water. These are the kinds of things you want to learn about ahead of time, so you’ll know what to do if you ever have a leak. Be prepared before you have a leak under your kitchen sink.

The area under your kitchen sink can look simple at a glance, but when you need to do something, like turn off the water, all of a sudden you may realize how complicated the configuration actually is. Inspector John explains everything clearly so you’ll walk away with a great understanding about the pipes, valve types, water lines and drain pipes. 


What do I do if I have a leak under the sink?

Turn off your water! You can do this directly under your sink. Watch the video to find out how.